Hi, my name is Patricia McGuire and I’m an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant or IBCLC for short . I teach and work in NYC providing support for mom’s, families and babies on a variety of breastfeeding issues.

This blog is a collection of my reflections on matters affecting families in the baby’s first year. (and yes ,breastfeeding in particular) These are musings, except when noted, and shouldn’t be taken as medical advice . Always talk to your doctor.

My hope is that the information will be helpful or interesting. There’s variety of choices and options on how to raise child that are considered “healthy”. Each family is unique, and has to make choices that work for them,so, if what I say meshes with your family’s style and choices, great ,if not, that’s fine too. It’s all meant in goodwill.

I have been known to go off on a tangent every once in a while. So please any transgressions.

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